We are the feel-good coffee company you've been looking for!

With every sip, our locally-inspired, creatively-branded coffees emotionally connect you to your vacation experience. Even after you return home, our coffee gives you a reason to come back to your feel-good place again and again.

Operating Since 1996

We started roasting high quality coffee beans in 1996 as the Steamboat Coffee Roasters. Our goal was to serve great-tasting coffee to locals & tourists alike in our small ski resort community in the Rocky Mountains called Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Over the years, we expanded from serving Steamboat to serving the greater Rockies and then beyond! You can find our coffee in your hotel room, the local grocery store and many other places that coffee is sold and served.

Meet our team

With decades of experience in the food & beverage and consumer goods industries, our entrepreneurial team is creative, nimble and loves to think outside the box to help you create memorable experiences through something as simple as a delicious cup of coffee.

Owner / Coffee Chairman

Eric Meyer

Eric has been building companies since 1989 when he co-founded an IT company in the education market. Over the next 20 years, Eric built and sold multiple businesses in tech which led to the formation of a business advisory and acquisition practice, The Paradigm Group. Eric currently owns 3 businesses including a multi-store Rocky Mountain Wireless/AT&T franchise, consulting group and Destination Coffees.

"Just one sip of Destination Coffees becomes a tasty memory of the annual vacation that just might end up on the counter at home, creating a long-lasting bond between your customer and you!"

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Co-Owner / Sales MVP

Chris Gleason

With decades of entrepreneurial ventures under his belt, Chris has dabbled in just about every aspect of business. Chris is truly the heart of the business.

His growth mindset combined with his inimitable work ethic make him the best utility player around. From shaking hands in the boardroom to delivering coffee to the grocery store to fixing a broken coffeemaker for a client, Chris is always there for you.

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Nicole DeBoom

Nicole is a self-described starter. After a successful career as a professional triathlete, her first entrepreneurial endeavor was a women's activewear brand called Skirt Sports. She created something that had never been done before - a running skirt - and turned it into a 15-year stint with $40 million in sales & 100,000s of happy women around the globe.

Since then Nicole has started multiple podcasts, an interview-based business, kids entrepreneur camps & more.

Nicole's passion for coffee combined with her passion for business makes her the perfect person to steer the DC ship.

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